Zulla writes GREAT contents for you,
a copywriter in a click!

The AI-based platform that makes content generation fast and easy.

Zulla writes blogposts, product sheets for ecommerce, social posts, sales copy, scripts for videos, paraphrases, text for your ADV campaigns and more with just a click!

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Zulla is designed to help many different realities!

Zulla helps marketing teams write quality content, in less time and increase organic traffic. It can be used both to write new content and to improve your existing content.

To use it, you just need to know what you want to write about and you can write a few lines of abstracts, which will be used by the system to generate your content, saving hours of research and writing time.

In most companies, creating quality content is a team effort.

Zulla enables content teams to really work together and allows anyone on the team to work on optimizing generated content in a simple and intuitive way.

Here is the new frontier for those who manage editorial content!



A comprehensive copywriting tool for marketers.

Instead of writing texts manually, for each of your projects, you can create dozens of them in minutes using our platform.



Writers have dreamed this software for years. The ultimate creative writing tool and an infinitely better tool than anything else available.

It will allow incredible speed in generating new textual ideas.



Research and Copy for content have always been some of the most time-consuming and complex parts of being a creator.

Zulla helps you with a generation system that creates engaging content in seconds.



Zulla can be your text generation, content review and translation team.

All at the click of a button, all in an easy-to-use platform that allows you to get your content strategy online quickly and easily.

What can Zulla do for you?


Content can be generated in multiple languages and text generation is super optimized for Italian!

SEO Optimized

We meet the basic requirements of search engines in our text generation. No extra work!

Easy to use

The platform is super easy to use. Enter a title, a line of description, and Zulla will do the rest in one click!

20+ different tools

He writes AD Copy, Blog/Social posts, Sales Copy, Descriptions for E-commerce and more!

example of chat with Brain

Learn how Brain, Zulla’s virtual assistant, can increase your productivity by 50 percent

Designed with advanced artificial intelligence technologies, Brain can generate texts in many different forms, converse with you, extend the generated paragraphs, translate texts, extract keywords, give you information, suggest ideas, and much more.

example of chat with Brain

Designed to improve work at…



New ideas generated on command. Write SEO-optimized articles from an idea.


SEO Expert

Text generation for any topic in compliance with the basic rules of search engines.



Faster text generation, using your preferred tone of voice and personal writing style.



Your social posts generated in one click, starting with a sentence and tone of voice of your choice.


Web Agencies

Reduced cost of creating content strategies and shorter time to market for customers than competitors.

All of which can be integrated into one’s existing technology stack via available product APIs.

Editorial Networks

Massive generation of articles, optimized on custom source ranking.

Allow your newsroom to generate new content in minutes instead of hours of work.


Improve the performance of your internal marketing team, take content team productivity to unprecedented levels.

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