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Zulla Update

18 04

AnonymousA: Innovation in protecting sensitive data in the age of AI

Learn about AnonymousA, the revolutionary anonymization technology for artificial intelligence presented by Zulla and AIKnowYou at AI Week 2023. Protect sensitive data and preserve the context of AI content with this innovative solution.

nuovo aggiornamento di zulla

New update: Zulla gets enhanced with new artificial intelligence models for text generation

Zulla has launched an update that makes content generation even better with artificial intelligence. New generation technology. Brain, the chatbot, is now more powerful in its ability to answer questions and perform actions. The new beta templates for Content Wizard, Facebook Post and LinkedIn Post will amaze you. In addition, there is a new tool for creating Sales Emails with persuasive copy templates.

zulla brain release

Brain: the AI-powered virtual assistant that supports you in your daily work

Are you looking for a virtual assistant to help you simplify your daily work and increase your productivity? Then you absolutely must meet Brain, Zulla’s latest creation.

partnership between Zulla and Green Lion

The partnership between Zulla and The Green Lion Editions is born, aiming to modernize and revolutionize the field of publishing.

The partnership between Zulla and The Green Lion Editions is born, which will unite generative artificial intelligence and the publishing world.