Regulation of beta testing

What does the beta testing program consist of?

Each month, by drawing lots among the applicants, we will choose up to a maximum of 100 people to whom we will give access to a version of Zulla in which we will add new templates and features under development.

Beta testing has a duration of 1 month.


Access to all tools not yet public to test them.

Being able to use the new tools for FREE!

Clarification on beta testing:

  • The program is absolutely free for users, all costs will be borne by us.
  • The instruments are tests, so some may work well and others less so. Some may be very useful and some less so.
  • There are bound to be bugs (operating errors).
  • The GUI will not be the final one but will be simplified. This will allow us to continuously release features and focus on improving only the tools to be released.


  • Receive feedback from beta testers on new features to understand their usefulness and effectiveness.
  • Receive from beta testers, in addition to checks done directly by us, reports on any bugs or anomalies found.
  • Reason about how to improve each tool based on how each of you will use it.
  • Finally integrate the best tools into the official and public version, with as few bugs as possible and with the best possible performance.
  • Develop tools that are increasingly user-oriented and not product-oriented, always taking your ideas and proposals very much into account. (we always have and will continue to do so, we know the best ideas come from you!)

Duties of beta testers:

  1. If you apply and are selected you have one month to use the tools. It is required of each beta tester to use the tools as much as possible and within the limits of each.
  2. If a beta tester, for any reason is unable or unwilling to participate in the month-long testing, please let us know by email, via the support chat, or by also writing here on Facebook in a private message.
  3. During the testing period we will invite you to participate in surveys, send you emails to hear your opinions, and for those who wish we will arrange video calls to hear your opinions.

If the commitment (which will not be high but a minimum we require) is not met, the person in question will receive a warning the first time. On the second default she will be excused from the next testing releases. (We hate to do these things so we ask you to respect them, you know we will always try to meet you and we are always very flexible!).

We know it may sound “stiff,” but we will invest time and money by offering you tools in advance and for free. In addition, there may be other people interested, and it would not be fair to them to do otherwise.